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Company Overview

Multi award winning bespoke renovations

specialist based in London. With a focus on

meeting and surpassing client expectations

and the delivery of ultra high spec quality

refurbishment projects.



Office workspace that represents the company
services, ethos and culture.

• intimate, shared and social space
• 'home' - like feel and design
• showroom for clients
• bespoke and luxury

• high quality materials 

Existing urban loft space designed with a stylish & luxury feel

Project Explanation



We spent the time with Avalon Design & Construction to understand their vision and culture. It was decided to design and build a tangible representation of their service, history and culture. 
A showroom of sorts that embodied the company core values: 
great customer service, efficiency, ultra high end, and with a focus on design trends.


Miros the CEO was also very keen to provide a space with more facilities and comfort level to promote the wellbeing of his growing team.


The office has echoes of Avalon’s history and construction worked into the Interior design.
Trestle legged bespoke desks with modified site festoon lighting to add subtle relevance to 
the space. Gold encrusted Venetian plaster, solid hardwoods and luxury fabrics. Two Mies Van de Rohe Barcelona chairs keep a classic yet contemporary coloured chesterfield company.


It has been an absolute pleasure to see one of Miros’s dreams come to fruition.

Miroslav Bogdantsaliev
Founder & MD of AVALON

We chose Remarcable for our

Office Design Project and the result is amazing. 

Exactly what we wanted to achieve

in the best possible way ...


We met Reni & Marc through the International Business Alliance Network, we chose Remarcable for our Office Design Project initially because we really liked their lively personalities, plus when we got to know the company we noticed that there were many similarities between Avalon and Remarcable, the life values, ethos, core concepts of how best people should work and how to nurture a positive atmosphere in the workspace.


The favourite part of the project was the project in its entirety!

The result is amazing, exactly what we wanted to achieve in the

best possible way, the communication was excellent and proactive.

We are extremely happy with the outcome.


When we saw the finished space we were very pleasantly surprised that the actual space is the same if not better than the

design proposal visuals we were presented.


They built upon the existing space and made it even better, we particularly liked the bespoke design desks and the logo inscribed transforming meeting room table.


We would certainly recommend them to anybody requiring an office design project.


Miroslav Bogdantsaliev 

Founder & MD of AVALON

study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”
 Frank Lloyd Wright

Biophilia & Design



Garden/casual workspace 

in your office promotes

mindfulness and wellbeing.

A company that invests in the

health and happiness of their team sees a return on their investment

many times over ...























Biophilia & Design



Biophilic design is a way of merging the built and natural environment.

As humans we have an affinity towards nature, plants and the outdoors.


Spending long working hours in a man made artificial environment we lose connection with nature and all of its benefits.


As standard natural elements and plants are a huge consideration in our  Remarcable spaces. 

They counteract the stresses of the built environment and there is wealth of studies available that have shown, productivity rises, employee wellbeing and even air quality!


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