Info Track | UK Office

A ‘hybrid’ office and event space commercial fit out, for a fast growing Tech Company.

An office renovation that mixes office interior design with workspace wellbeing ...

AVALON Construction & Design | KEW Office

An office space that is tangible representation of the AVALON's services, history and culture. A showroom of sorts that embodied the company core values: great customer service, efficiency, ultra high end, and with a focus on design trends ...

Office Garden | Biophilic Designs

Garden/casual workspace in your office promotes mindfulness and wellbeing.

A company that invests in the health and happiness of their team sees a return on their investment many times over ...

Office Refurbishments

As companies grow their needs change, considerations arise such as :

Does this space reinforce my company culture ? |  Is the space a tangible representation of my company ? | Am I making best use of the space in terms of layout ? ...

Succulent Air Plants Installation

Blown glass and air plants installation above reception area. 

TILLANDSIA air plants family ...

Concept Designs

Some concept images and models of which we are proud.

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Office Meeting Rooms

Personalized meeting rooms that represent strong company culture and provide creative, brainstorming space for your business ...

ONGOING - London Doctors Clinic

Remarcable is the main contractor for interior design services for LDC. 

Commercial design & fit out for a convenient and affordable private London GP practice with clinics in Victoria, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Waterloo, Fleet Street, etc. 

The House Of Yoga

Commercial design and fit out for a hot vinyasa yoga studio in Putney, London.

Full refurbish and renovation of the space ...

Juice Bar

Commercial fit out of a Juice Bar area with handcrafted Cedar of Lebanon wood design & build. Designed as a chill out space for the strong and passionate yoga community of THoY ...

Reeds of London Hairdressers

Full renovation of a front line hairdressers that has been serving the community in and around Waterloo since 1857.

Domestic Design

Domestic Design and Fit Outs 

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