How colour influences creativity, productivity and your teams mood at work

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July 14, 2020 | Remarcable

Choosing what colours to use in your workspace design can be difficult. For many companies the use of the logo/corporate colour is a natural choice, but there is more to this than literally meets the eye.

Our cultural history and geographical location also change how we perceive colour. Bright colours which are originally chosen to make corporate logos, stand out, get noticed and say hey ‘look at me’. They are not always great choices within the office space.

Signature colours that containing reds, oranges and yellows should be used sparingly as they can become overbearing. These colours are universally considered high energy and stimulating colours, whereas greens, blues and purples low arousal more calming.

The function of the team also comes with its considerations. The brighter colours that would be at home in a high energy environment, such as a sales floor, would not always be applicable to a space where the majority of the team are in quiet concentration. Writing code, accounts for example.

When we design spaces, this is just one of the many considerations that we make when planning the space. When combined with elements, such as best use of natural light, comfortable elements from the home to create informal spaces, minimalist workstation design for clarity, less distractions and social spaces that promote conversation and creativity, colour choice can be utilised very effectively indeed.

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