Battle the hot weather at work

July 24, 2018



' Britain’s record summer is expected to continue into August ! ' Well ... As good as it is for our vitamin D and summer wardrobe, it could have a negative impact on our work and lives. While the UK heatwave might be over soon, until then a little reminder of how to stay hydrated and more importantly why ...


 Study conducted by Loughborough University found that a mere 5% drop in water levels in the body can cause a 25-30% loss in energy.’


Energy loss can affect productivity and work quality levels as well as your mood and trigger body discomfort symptoms. Too much water on the other side also has a negative effect. However as everything else, it is about achieving the balance.


Check No 5 fact from mindbodygreen on ‘ How much water do you need ? ‘ . ‘BBC goodfood’ has also posted few tips on how to stay hydrated when exercising or preparing for a challenge like running a marathon - link .


Bottom line …


Remind your team to take breaks ( more on the importance of break - check our latest article Work Rest Replenish Perform ) and drink water more than coffee. Hope this helps on the short term. However if you feel like your team could be more engage and you want to increase productivity book our complimentary consultation with an office expert here.  





And while we are on the topic … a little inspiration from a coca-cola owned mineral water brand Nendo, that has created ‘a glass bottle covered with ripples to express the liveliness of fresh spring water. ‘




images courtesy of nendo | photos by akihiro yoshida |


Happy drinking ; )

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