Could this be the future of how you interact with your workspace?

March 2, 2020



Touchscreen is everywhere, from our phones to self-checkout, we are surrounded by technology that we control with our touch. But the step-up from touchscreen technology is not touching the screen at all. Not with your hands, or a mouse, or anything actually. It’s your staple technology in a sci-fi film, but as technology continues to advance, more and more fiction becomes reality. Motion control is the control of technology via your gestures, allowing your hand to act as a controller. 


Ultraleap is leading the way in manufacturing and producing these futuristic devices. Their Leap Motion products set up simply via USB connection and are quick and easy to start using on your computers, whether it be for work or gaming, Leap Motion is configured to work with whatever you need it for. The most common current application for devices like this if in Virtual Reality (VR). The VR gaming scene has seen significant growth in recent years, and devices like these are part of the reason why. Motion controls are also being applied to some offices, mostly tech industries in the world of developing 3D visuals, however, the application can go much further and be much more simplistic than that.


How could it affect working in the future? Imagine how your work would be different if we removed your mouse and keyboard shortcuts tomorrow and replaced it with a motion control device. How would that affect your work? It would probably take some time to get used to for most of us, like learning a new type of mouse or draw pad but in the long run, would it make your job easier? It’s hard to say for a lot of us. A simple flick of the wrist to change the slide in a presentation or meeting would certainly make it smoother and slicker and be more impressive to our audience.


Is it worth it? For those of us working in a development industry where visuals are a necessity, these motion control devices could be a benefit to us, allowing us to use our software in a more intricate and nuanced way. These devices cost approximately £85, making them no more expensive than your average office monitor or high-tech mice or keyboards. If you’re in the industry for it, it’s worth giving it a shot! It might make your work easier, smoother and more enjoyable, and if not, it will be at the very least fun to feel like the protagonist in a sci-fi film for just a bit!


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