From a Personal Practice To a Company Culture, Hygiene Calls

March 17, 2020

Don't panic! Make these changes now to keep your office healthy and hygienic




Amid the on-going current global health crises, keeping your hygiene in check is a popular practice lately, which is ever more important if you’re around other people, such as in an office, we interact and work nearly the whole day, every day. Alike the steady adaptation of ecosystem dynamics to the global climate change, we remind you that routine office maintenance remains a top priority for companies, small or large, despite common trends getting mostly preoccupied with the innovative aesthetic concept flow. But why are we not more consistently conscious about keeping our workspaces clean? Here’s how to keep your office a clean and healthy place to work whatever the circumstances:



Make sure your hot water is temperature regulated
  • Washing your hands in ice-cold water is not fun, and people will be less inclined to use your sinks if it's like washing your hands in the arctic sea. Get your boiler regulator checked out to ensure there is hot water in your office bathrooms. Wash your hands frequently, wear gloves if needed when touching shared surfaces like door handles, lift buttons and staircase handrails.

Provide hand sanitiser
  • If you haven’t already… The best way to encourage people to use it is to place stations in areas where they don’t have anything else to be doing. A great place is in the entrances or exits to rooms, so people can sanitise their hands on their way to and fro from things. If your office has a lift, this can be an excellent place to have a sanitising station, since who has anything better to do in the lift?

Clean your office regularly
  • Right now more than ever it’s important to sanitise your most used surfaces like door handles, coffee machine, the fridge door, kitchen doorknobs, etc. However, it is also important to not let dust build up or go unnoticed. Dust may seem harmless, but within it are microscopic bugs that can multiply and make us sick. Hire a highly rated cleaning team and make sure your space remains tidy.

Maintain your space
  • Your office has lots of components and making sure all the balls are up in the air and working can be hard, but it is important to keep on top of maintenance. Everything from making sure that ventilation and air-con are working, to encouraging employees to keep their desks tidy to reduce clutter, all go a long way in keeping your office clean. Check out another Remarcable article to see how to maintain your space well

Get some sleep
  • Fatigue equals an open immune system. Make sure you are sleeping the best that you can and that you’re giving yourself enough time to rest and relax.

Allow sick days, remote working, and don’t be afraid to take the day off
  • Even with the best and most rigorous hygiene regiments, we all get sick sometimes. If you’re an employer, be generous with your employees taking days off for sickness and allow them to work remotely if they’re up to it; they’ll be a lot more productive at home while sick than they would be dragging themselves and the germs into the office. If you’re an employee, don’t be afraid to take the day off to give yourself space to rest and to protect your colleagues from a similar sickness. The best way to keep your office clean and sickness-free is to not allow the sickness in it the first place.

Be kind
  • We often forget how our mental state can affect our physical health. When we are stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed at work, our immune systems take a hit and it makes us far more susceptible to sickness. Be kind to yourself and your team and you’ll see a multitude of benefits to your business and productivity.


There is far more to preventing sickness and maintaining a hygienic office than enforcing hand sanitiser, wearing masks and reducing handshakes. Human-centric and health-enhancing office spaces that foster health-conscious attitude in your human resources have been a prime goal for Remarcable since day one. Over the course of our commercial design practice, our team has been devotedly working on developing creative strategies to help facilitate employees’ wellness, as far as the office interior is concerned, and we have learnt the importance of routine maintenance, sanitation and hygiene, so we always take the time to draw the attention of our clients to this neglected cost of having an outstanding contemporary interior design.


Encourage wellness as a part of your culture and lifestyle and you’ll see yourself and your workplace leading to happier, more productive teams.


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