Your ‘Work from Home’ Office Space


We are now a few weeks into 'lockdown' and having to work from home, for some it may still feel like a novelty, for others it may start to feel a real challenge. But let’s not forget that our surroundings have a major impact on our wellbeing. If working from home is not your norm then it may even be that little bit harder. However, by making a few modifications to your environment you can positively influence your wellbeing. 


Natural Light: Time to rearrange some furniture! Move your desk to the nearest window where you can see natural light shine through. Natural light significantly increases our energy, creativity and productivity. Getting a dose of Vitamin D is known for alleviating symptoms of depression and boosting our immune systems. (We definitely need all the immunity boosting we can get at the moment!)


Space: The cleanliness of your environment will have an effect on your mental state. Ensure your space is clean and tidy - this will help you to stay focused and organised. (An uncluttered space equals an uncluttered mind)




Pictures: Having pictures or photographs within view is a great way to inspire creativity and a feeling of wellness. Pick 1 or 2 pictures that are significant to you and place them on your desk or stick them on the wall within view. You can glance at them when deep in thought during one of your tasks. 

(Pictures that are a reminder of what motivates you will keep you going.)




Comfort: Take time to de-stress and re-charge. Take regular breaks in a different place to your workspace. Choose a comfortable room in your home - perhaps the living room on an armchair or sofa where you can sit and relax with a nice tea or coffee. (Replenish yourself to maximize your performance)



It is times like this that really show us how important interior design is. We unconsciously absorb our surroundings, which can impact our actions either positively or negatively. We always want to feel the best we can, so start by making these few changes at home to notice an increase in motivation and a longevity of productivity.

Remember ' Happy People work Better'

Check out 
this link to find working from home resources to keep you organised, well planned and productive.


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