Remarcable’s Dentistry Interior Featured On SONY

May 7, 2020



Link : How I Shoot | Creating a Fashion Story | Ki Price



Remarcable is known for designing beautiful commercial spaces focused on wellness and healthy living. Creating a positive benefit is what underpins our ethos, yet aesthetics are none the less crucial to both the physical quality and the physiological impact of our custom creations. An essential tool for every company culture is the branding assemblage, and enabling spaces to clearly convey a message to the target audience in a contemporary, engaging and functional manner is a top priority Remarcable succeeds at.




A great example of the importance of trusting your design to the hands and minds of experienced, attentive and forward-thinking designers is reflected in our latest success story. In 2018 Remarcable Design was commissioned to design a new type of dental experience for Banning Dental Group, a dental practice located in the heart of the architectural capital London, with a strong appeal to the more discerning visitor.



As a result of a thorough demographic study, the bespoke branding ideas Remarcable designed for Banning’s revolutionary interior, not only introduced innovation in the dentistry world, but also came to inspire London’s top fashion photographer @kiprice to use the space for a photoshoot on one of his trips to Banning.





Banning Dental’s 'Instagramable' interior became a backdrop for seeking originality and innovation @kiprice. 'I saw this cool space, called Banning Dental', the photographer, known for his amazing and distinguishing style, shares. He brought in stylists, hair and make-up artists and models, incorporating the fine finishing into his fashion story shoot that was presented at the London Fashion Week 2019, and now featured on the SONY official site. 'Why would someone ever shoot at a dentist, that would scare most people?', @kiprice posted on social media. Unless the dentistry is designed to provide comfort, smoothen the senses and promote intrigue, precisely just what experiencing Banning Dental brings to all visitors.


Listen, learn, create, inspire, evolve, Remarcable....




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