How can we mentally prepare ourselves for what the future has in store post Covid?




I think we should all give ourselves a massive pat on the back for the amount we have had to mentally endure this year. It is not easy adapting to such drastic changes over night while also having to deal with the fear and anxiety surrounding the Covid-19 worldwide outbreak. Now as the ease of the lockdown begins, we may all be starting to reflect on the personal changes that arose for us and once again we mentally prepare ourselves for the new changes that we will have to face; what with the ‘new normal’ adjustments coming out on the other side of lockdown look and feel like for you? 


As a team we have reflected upon the mental challenges we have faced and also have drawn attention to the preparation required for the new changes that we will experience. Your wellbeing and mental health must take priority over everything else and it is important to keep yourself in check by increasing your awareness and being present mentally. When your wellbeing starts to diminish this is when you become more vulnerable and at risk to ill health. 


So, how can we mentally prepare ourselves to maintain a healthy state of mind to be open and adaptable to the changes that are consistently being presented...



Keeping stress to an absolute minimum: 


Long-term stress plays a key role in both mental and physical ill health that can lower our immune system making us more susceptible to viruses. So, we can not highlight enough how important it is to maintain your stress levels and keep them to a minimum. There are lots of ways we can minimise stress factors in our lives that we can incorporate into our daily routines:


1. Physical exercise - whether this be a run, a walk,  HIIT training or even yoga...exercise reduces stress hormones and stimulates production of endorphins. 


2. Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and tranquility. During meditation you focus your attention on the present moment eliminating the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind causing stress.


3.Reduce caffeine intake and replace with herbal teas that properties are known to aid with stress relief such as peppermint and chamomile tea. 


4. Make sure you are getting enough sleep! Sleep is so important as it is the time that you give your emotional, mental and physical body a rest to be able to heal, repair and rejuvenate. Switch off from technology at least an hour before bed for a restful night sleep.


Accepting change: 


One of the main causes of imbalance is not being able to properly deal with or accept change. There is a lot of change we are having to face at the moment, with face masks being mandatory, social distancing requirements and continual updates of new measures being introduced weekly. Change is a part of life that we all have to face, for some it is easier to bounce back than others. However in order to accept change you must increase your self-awareness. By increasing your self-awareness it allows you to understand your needs, fears, desires, habits - everything that makes you tick. Like it or not, the more you know about yourself, the faster and better you can adapt to the changes that happen in business and in life. How can we increase our self-awareness:


1. Taking time for self-reflection - countering 15 minutes a day for self-reflection, it provides an opportunity for feelings to be communicated in a tangible way unlocking thoughts and emotions that may otherwise be disregarded. A good way to do this is through journaling, at the end of each day, reflect back on thoughts and feelings that came up throughout your day and pinpoint your triggers. 


2. Monitor self-talk - when you monitor your self-talk it can improve your self-awareness as it makes your thoughts and emotions more obvious. Ensure that your self-talk is helpful, celebrating wins when necessary and not excessively dwelling on failures. Saying ‘Stop’ when you notice negative thoughts and chatter will help to engage in more positive self-talk and mindset. 


3. Do not be afraid to ask for regular feedback from colleagues, managers, friends - asking for constructive feedback helps you to be more aware of yourself and your performance. It allows you to keep track of your strengths and weaknesses to be able to have a plan of action in place for your future growth. 


Returning to work may still not feel comfortable but at least by incorporating a healthy wellbeing regime into your lifestyle you know you will have the strength and resilience to combat the changes and be able to adapt more easily. 


Our friendly team are on hand should you have any questions regarding the change of your office design to ensure that your space can provide the wellbeing tools and spaces that you all need to prepare for our joint new future.




Get in touch with one of our experts today for a free consultation.


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