What Makes Us Remarcable

Led by founders Reni & Marc, Remarcable is a result of passion for design and a desire to inspire positive change in work environments.

Our founders Reni (standing) & Marc (sitting) are design experts in both office and dental design they are photographed by the bespoke tooth-shaped reception desk at a Banning Dental office

Our Story.

Est. 2016 Remarcable was created as a direct response to the poorly designed workspaces across the UK that fit around function and have no real-world benefits to the user.

20+ years of construction & fine carpentry experience
followed by our degree in Interior Architecture & Design
+ our ongoing training in wellbeing, psychology, and mindfulness.

We create spaces that stimulate business growth and allow people to perform at their best.
Our team delivers a personal and valuable service that solves our client’s challenges and creates
long-term trust relationships.

Remarcable is a way of us using our collective skill sets to make a positive change to peoples lives.

The beautiful designs that we create
are inspired by our world travels
and the balance we find in Nature.
Breiðamerkursandur . ICELAND

The beautiful designs that we create
are inspired by our world travels
and the balance we find in Nature.
Breiðamerkursandur . ICELAND

Team like no other

We are a family of interior architects, artists, commercial and
clinical design experts, highly skilled tradesmen, and wellbeing
practitioners. Our team is enriched by creative freelancers and
independent suppliers that share our vision and strive to
deliver consistent excellence.

Inspiring, knowledgeable, creative, professional and committed, YES but also lets have fun and enjoy our work together!

Team at InfoTrack using the nature-inspired garden breakout area within their office design



What makes us Remarcable

  •    multi-award-winning commercial designers, with 5-star client reviews

  •    renowned for our outstanding service that exceeds expectations

  •    atmospheric workspaces, to promote a positive emotional response

  •    premium, people-focused designs to boost tranquility and wellbeing

  •    20+ years joinery experience brings unique and bespoke creations to life

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue connecting people to their natural habitat, pioneering wellness through multifunctional, positively influencing and human-centric interiors fit all types of businesses and enterprises with a focus on sustainability, prosperity, and financial gains.

Our Mission

How we will get there

Intentionally, we work in a small team of art-loving devoted health-enthusiasts and interior designers, which allows us to prioritize each business’s challenges and provide a truly personal and bespoke service.

Our Culture

Everybody has a voice all ideas are heard and we take great pride in our creations.

We value each employee and team member equally and know that if we are all aligned working towards the same goal, we can make a difference.

Our Values

We believe life and work is a constant cycle of gradually improvements mentally, spiritually, and physically through discipline and education.

We act with honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm with each and every new challenge.