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5 Commercial Space Pain Points that can be Solved with Remarcable Interior Design

Breaking down some common employee pain points at the office and how good design can overcome these to ensure a healthier and more productive workforce.

22nd July, 2021

6 minute read



Ways you can invest in your team’s productivity through design

We highlight in-depth ways in which you can invest in your staff’s productivity through various office design tips.

30th March, 2021

3 minute read


The Importance of Detail throughout Design

Expanding far beyond aesthetics, we at Remarcable mean a method of expression that communicates a story through strategy carefully tailored to magnify the micro details and fully optimize their attributes’ capacity at creating a long-lasting impression in a single short interaction and it is all in the details.

2nd March, 2021

2 minute read


What does the next generation of healthcare design look like?

Clinical spaces are changing drastically, we have highlighted 3 key factors to consider for the future of clinical design that puts the needs of the patients and staff at the baseline to then build upon personalised branding.

17th November, 2020

2 minute read



Conversations about mental health at work and why we should have them

According to the mental health charity, Mind, 93% of workers who have taken stress-related leave have lied to their boss about the reason behind their absence. This shows that staff do not feel encouraged nor safe in their work environment, and it is time to break the taboo around mental health...

Productivity boost by staying present and connected to your body & mind

Through staying present and connected to your body and mind we are able to quieten the mental chatter, freeing up space and energy in our minds to have more clarity of thought and in turn make more conscious productive choices...

Importance of sleep and how meditation can help your work

A good night's sleep is crucial for optimal wellbeing, there are many factors that can affect our sleep pattern which is regulated by our circadian rhythm, and how a bedtime routine can be beneficial for ensuring a restful night sleep.



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