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Branded office design & showroom of the company’s services

Multi-award-winning bespoke renovations specialist based in London. With a focus on meeting and surpassing client expectations and the delivery of ultra high spec quality refurbishment projects.



Project Explanation

Office workspace that represents the company services, ethos, and culture.
• intimate shared and social space
• home - like feel and design
• showroom for clients
• bespoke and luxury
• high-quality materials
Existing urban loft space designed with a stylish & luxury feel. We spent the time to understand their vision and culture to build a tangible representation of their service and history. A showroom of sorts that embodied the company core values: great customer service, efficiency, ultra high end, and a focus on design trends. Miros the CEO was also very keen to provide a space with more facilities and comfort levels to promote the wellbeing of his growing team.
The office has echoes of Avalon’s history and construction integrated within the Interior design. Trestle legged bespoke desks with modified site festoon lighting to add subtle relevance to the space. Gold encrusted Venetian plaster, solid hardwoods, and luxury fabrics. Two Mies Van de Rohe Barcelona chairs keep a classic yet contemporary entry to the space. It has been an absolute pleasure to see one of Miros’s dreams come to fruition.
An overview of the Avalon workspace highlighting the main office desk central to the room with natural light beaming from the skylights above

The Design

The Avalon company logo text written in silver with a graphic designed letter 'A' in gold and silver above
A profile photo of our client Miroslav Bogdantsaliev from Avalon
Miroslav Bogdantsaliev
Founder & MD | AVALON

We partnered with Remarcable for our Office Design Project and the result is amazing. Exactly what we wanted to achieve in the best possible way ...

Our founder Marc sitting have an interview with the happy client at Avalon founder Miroslav Bogdantsaliev in the new office design reception area
The two leather chairs as part of the Avalon commercial interior design reception seating area with a stand up lamp and a luxury white and gold leaf wallpaper

Design Features

Mies Van der Rohe designed two chairs in 1929 for the German pavilion at the Barcelona Exposition, to sit the Spanish king and queen. These chairs represent elegance, class, and luxury.
Desks were bespoke-designed with a builders trestle detail to reflect the construction aspect of the company’s services and internal drawer storage to declutter the workstation.
Designed with functionality and multi-use in mind. The bespoke table features the company logo and splits into 2 smaller tables when different teams need to use the space simultaneously.
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