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Where elegance meets beauty in balance

As part of the Banning Dental Group a modern chain of dental practices in and around London.
Banning Skin Clinique at their Chiswick branch where customer experience and innovation is their top priority. 
Patient comfort, indulgence and excellence.



Project Explanation

A minimalistic and luxury styles beauty room that reinforces the brand's values:

• Client comfort and relaxation

• Scandinavian minimalism

• Natural balance 

• Artsy and Innovative 

Photo credit: Ki Price

To create a beauty room with all the elements needed to make any client experience a memorable one. With key design details that tie in luxurious attention to detail and each part of the design reflecting the core brand messages: balanced, beauty, grace & elegance. 

We looked at the 4 core brand messages: balanced, beauty, grace & elegance and combined them together with elements that contribute to our wellbeing in the natural environment. Using sustainable natural materials and soft colours to promote tranquillity and relaxation, paying close attention to detail to go the extra mile for a positive memorable experience, one that would want to be relived again and again. 

Exterior of the Banning Skincare Clinque taking during the evening with the lights on inside showcasing the design with 2 models one lady laying on the chair and a man standing beside her

The Design

Remarcable's Interior Featured on SONY for our revolutionary take on beauty & dentistry.
This project was recognised for its 'instagrammable' and innovative interior and came to inspire London's top fashion photographer @kiprice. His fashion story shoot was presented at the London Fashion Week 2019, and now featured on the SONY official site.

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Photo credit: KiPrice

Multiple locations | Banning Chiswick Clinique
Eye-catching interior capturing attention even out of hours
Multiple locations | Banning Lewisham Clinique
Design for luxury, client experience and beauty
The Banning Dental Group company logo in silvery grey with the letter 'B' inside a circle
A profile photo of our client Azad Eyrumlu from Banning Dental Group
Dr Azad Eyrumlu
CEO | Banning Dental Group

Remarcable is dedicated to the client and their passion for the project is at the core of everything they do. We would highly recommend them to any business that is serious about creating amazing space and concept, and that strives to deliver a very special feeling to their own clients.

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Before / After

Throughout the entire design process, we provide you with updates and images of the progress to ensure you are satisfied every step of the way.

Close up of one of the double exposed graphic prints signifying balance between man and nature at the Banning Beauty Clinique

Design Features

Highlighting the human connection with nature and natural beauty. 

Birds symbolise peace and freedom and that is exactly how our clients want their customers to feel, peaceful and free.

The linear bespoke graphic design of a man and woman in connection and in balance signifies that unison between male and female and creates connection and inclusivity.  

The bespoke merchandise stand created for branding promotion and practicality. There is an opportunity in every way for memorable branding that really stands out. 

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