Ecover & Method

Small works to improve meeting spaces

Method and Ecover are both brands with a single vision to fight against dirt for a cleaner life and sustainable future for our planet and next generations. Creating a positive social and environmental change while still delivering a high end product is at the heart of the company’s values.

Project Explanation

Renovation of the existing office space and making use of every small area and missed opportunities so the team gets the best of their work environment . Hybrid spaces to provide multiple use while not sacrificing size and comfort.

Design Details

The client wanted to transform their previously used ‘gym’ room to provide extra meeting space that can also fully function as a photography studio when needed to take photographs of their products. The consideration here was to use monochromatic shades and minimal colour so the light would not bounce off of the surfaces to affect picture quality.
The client needed to provide extra meeting spaces for their team. We looked at every opportunity and transformed a storage room that was only half used into a small casual space or call room to give the opportunity for a private conversation or 1 to 1 discussion. The theme was a cozy library room.
The existing meeting room was of large size but it was not optimised to fit the maximum number of people and it was often misused. We added additional furniture, biophilic elements to provide a cozy atmosphere and new tech that improved the overall quality of meetings.
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