Light & Atmosphere

Atmospheric design is created through the manipulation of lighting; Highlighting areas of illumination and areas of darkness are the fundamentals to designing a room's atmosphere. It has been proven that the atmosphere of a room has an influence on human behaviour and mood. Through thorough planning and analysis of a space we can formulate the perfect atmospheric design that incorporates the balance and regulation of our circadian rhythm to create a positive, stimulating and relaxing experience in people. 
close up picture of bespoke desk for banning dental group that has organic shape of curves and light passes through the wooden slats
a picture of a circle window in a meeting room with a yellow chair on the left and small palm plant on the right
a picture of wall light within a beauty room with light shining upwards and downwards from the light
A computer generated image of people sitting within a communal space that has been architecturally designed with rounded like a wave wooden slates along the walls
a picture of a guy with sunglasses sitting on a floor with refracted light reflection above him

Nature & Plants

Biophilic design merges the built and natural environment; bringing the outside in to fulfill humans affinity towards nature. There have been numerous scientific studies proving the positive benefits of having more greenery within commercial interior design, these include: reducing stress, increasing productivity, purifying the air and helping to boost creativity. Click here to read our blog post to find out more benefits of incorporating nature and plants into commercial interior design.
Commercial interior design creating personal spaces like this private desk area for Ben Keirle from 1Account
Close up of hanging glass planters adding a touch of nature and plants within commercial interior design
Hand drawn birds as wall art to represents our clients branding around freedom and innovation within dentistry and its importance in the dental office interior design
A bespoke wall designed as a divider between office reception area and workstations elevated with colours and plants that creates a light atmosphere in the space
A Banning Dental Group client sitting in one of the comfortable armchairs within the dental office waiting area

Bespoke Branding

Incorporating bespoke branded elements throughout the overall design and fit out of your commercial interior space adds a unique personalised touch that can showcase your company culture and values as well as maximizing the use of the commercial space through tailored furniture for durability and sustainability. Find out more on how bespoke branding can really set you apart from your competitors?
The workstation at the Avalon office consists of a central rectangular table with multiple computers and desk office chairs with lots of natural light from the skylights above
Bespoke branding logo design hand painted onto the wall of a textured coloured globe and silver plate lettering
Bespoke branding merchandise rack at Banning Dental Group captured in ambient lighting
This bespoke drink rack was designed with 4 key elements in mind, nature, plants, lights and sustainability
The circular bespoke Outbrain orange logo with LED illumination coming from behind mounted against a white brick wall

Colour & Mood

Everywhere you look colour exists either consciously or subconsciously and it can be used to make a statement, create an atmosphere, and have positive or negative affects on our moods. Choosing what colours to use in your workspace design and fit out can be difficult, we outlined a few basic rules on How colour influences creativity, productivity and your teams mood at work but for deeper understanding, you can also download our colour guide. Brand colors improve recognition by over 80% (Source)

To be able to share our vision of design with our clients we create mood boards that reflect the overall design, texture and colours
A close up of a bunch of purple flowers located on the table infront of the yellow armchair in the Ibis reception area
Dental office interior design with a touch of wellbeing, this vanity station at The Banning Dental Group is designed with washed out purple and blue wall colours with a circular charcoal grey framed mirror and a plant for adding nature elements into design
Our inspiration for much of our commercial interior design comes from nature, this picture of a sunset reveals the perfect balance of ombre yellow and orange colours behind the silhouettes of the mountain range
Detail is a key element in design which we always make sure is in line with the company branding, this image reveals scandanavian books with a cosy purple woolen blanket for a homely touch to dental office design