Creating hybrid spaces in an open plan office

1account provides online businesses with a secure technical solution to validate primarily, among other things, your age and identity. Their team is highly energetic, dynamic and expansive with a strong love for all things outdoors and nature.



Project Explanation

An open-plan hybrid design that maximises the use of the space offering flexible and private workspaces with a strong connection and theme to nature and outdoor living.

Maximise the use of the open plan space by incorporating biophilic elements as dividers to create private and adaptable spaces throughout the office. With our aim to provide comfort, adaptability and space for company growth.

To highlight the company’s expansive growth by designing a space that supported the needs of the leaders and their teams. Each area is designed to bring maximum efficiency, teamwork and continue to upscale the company’s growth.

A row of office plants used a room divider for the 1account team breakout area with kitchenette, sofa and yellow armchairs

The Design

Biophilic design is a way of merging the built and natural environments. As humans we have an affinity towards nature, plants and the outdoors.

As standard natural elements and plants are a huge consideration in our Remarcable spaces as they counteract the stresses of the built environment.

Get inspired with our Biophilic designs

Find out : Which design element is responsible for increasing your employees productivity by 6% and creativity by 15%

The 1 Account logo with the number 1 enlarged in company colours blue, green and yellow and the word "account" in black
A profile photo of our client Ben Keirle
Ben Keirle
CEO | 1 Account

We recommend Remarcable to firms who wish to create their teams an amazing workspace, want good comms and friendly personal service. Plus with such strong guarantees, it was a no-brainer…

Before / After

The office design and space plan "Remarcable" transformation 

A close up photograph of the grey sofa with a framed photograph of a lake landscape at the 1account office

Design Features

Bringing in personal elements to the design through printed photography of a very special place in nature to the company's Founder.

Introducing connection and collaboration within this hybrid space aimed at supporting teamwork and alliance.

Nature inspired colours used throughout the space to tie in the connection to outdoor living, combined with dynamic textures for a diverse energetic team. Choosing the right colours for your space is extremely important, find out more on how colours affect our mood & wellbeing.

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