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Where coffee culture meets hybrid working

A family-run business that has a strong focus around the community. Their co-work spaces are designed with all the facilities you would expect from an office but with all the flexibility of ‘working from home’ offering some of the top local tea and coffee brands.



Project explanation

A continuation of Homework Putney branch extended to Southfields providing a vibrant co-working space that offers flexibility, collaboration, and comfort with a strong theme around world coffee/cafe culture. With community being a keyword in Homework’s company values we ensured this was reflected in the design showcasing their collaboration with local suppliers and artists.

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From our expertise in office design, we wanted to incorporate as many design elements that a large team needs to work at their best. This included different spaces that would appeal to different users such as private pods, collaboration tables, private booths, and casual breakout spaces all bearing in mind to keep the theme around coffee culture and the importance of showcasing the supplier's Homework Space has chosen to keep the local community feel.

Brand image is important as this is their second space, so, the unity between the two was important. To unify both spaces we used their brand colours throughout the entire space with a softened touch from walls to furniture. We created fun and bespoke art that showcased the importance of local produce and suppliers as well as bringing in biophilic elements to tie both the upstairs and downstairs areas.

Image of the main cafe entrance to the Homework Co-work space interior design

The Design

We all have individual working styles, through our experience in office design we have combined private booths, stand-up workstations, and individual desk space that offer the flexibility to appeal to all users so that everyone can work at their best and free of distraction. Ensuring plenty of storage space to keep clean and decluttered worktops so your clients can focus on the task at hand.

Providing optimum spaces for collaboration such as meeting rooms and large collaborative tables offers your client team-building opportunities which are important for any start-up business. This promotes an open space for clarity of thought and expansive innovation.

We spend most of our adult lives at the workplace and work-life balance is crucial for our wellbeing. Having spaces dedicated for rejuvenation provides users with a valued experience, to step away from the desk and completely switch off, relax and replenish. Sofas and homely decor is key to providing added comfort for recharging.

Areas that encourage casual socialisation are extremely important. Especially since the pandemic our understanding of human connection is greater than ever and how social interaction benefits our mental health. Having a large open plan shared kitchen space that can allow people to chat and network in a casual setting shows solidarity and stimulates conversation. 

Before / After

See the transformation of a space that can be achieved through design. From just an empty shell turned into an alive, vibrant, and inviting atmosphere.

Bespoke branded reception desk that combines the letters of the logo.

Design Features

First impressions of a space are everything, this bespoke desk combines the shape of the companies name initials ‘H’ and ‘W’.

The building's quirky features in themselves were a big part of creating the atmosphere of the space, we made sure that the rest of the design complimented the architectural structure.

The local suppliers and inspiration of bringing coffee culture to the workspace is a big part of the company's values. Through bespoke art, we are able to create tailored pieces that are able to reflect the inspiration behind a company brand. These art pieces are of herbal plants that are sold as part of their tea offerings at the cafe and also exposing coffee beans as artwork in a humorous way. 

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