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Clinical design for comfort and best client experience

Banning Dental is a modern chain of dental practices in and around London. Patient comfort and safety are their number one priority. ‘ We want your visit to the dentist or hygienist to be free from negative emotions. That’s why our in-house dental specialists aim to provide a fun, calming, enjoyable, and affordable service, accessible 7 days a week! Everyone deserves a naturally beautiful smile and we believe that cosmetic dentistry treatments can be both professional and affordable. ‘



Project Explanation

Banning Dental Group is so much more than the average dentist and the interior needed to reflect that. Forward-thinking design to provide ‘superior’ service and appeal to the younger demographic. Scandinavian minimalism Premium finishes and fittings Welcoming and comforting atmosphere Instagramable interior Relaxing and rejuvenating staff area
Welcoming, low-stress design environment with a lounge-style atmosphere. Going to the dentist should be a pleasure and we intended to remove the stigma and associated stress from the experience.
A new type of dentistry requires a new type of design thinking! We first analysed the intended demographic and their expectations which shaped the design to attract an audience into an unusual dentist interior that is more like an upmarket hotel style lounge which is associated with a pleasant experience. We achieved innovative, branded design features such as the parametric-shaped reception desk and merchandising furniture while maintaining a calming ambiance throughout all clinical spaces. Visit and see for yourself! Read our article on ‘Remarcable’s Artsy Take On Dentistry
A side on profile of the bespoke reception desk in the shape of a tooth at the Banning Dental Group Brentford office

The Design

The Banning Dental Group company logo in silvery grey with the letter 'B' inside a circle
A profile photo of our client Azad Eyrumlu from Banning Dental Group
Dr Azad Eyrumlu
CEO | Banning Dental Group

Remarcable is dedicated to the client and their passion for the project is at the core of everything they do. We would highly recommend them to any business that is serious about creating amazing space and concept, and that strives to deliver a very special feeling to their own clients.

Team at Banning Dental Group smiling at the reception desk as they enjoy their new commercial interior design & fit-out

Before / After

From render to reality.
You receive the exact design that you envisioned. 

A close up photo of the detail in the bespoke reception desk at the Banning Dental Group Brentford office

Design Features

A unique design thinking and one of the world’s first such structures to be backlit. The idea to use a parametric design was concluded by the desire to create an organic shape that evolved from the shape of a tooth and serves as a tangible representation of the brand’s main purpose and service. Subtle but yet elegant and minimalist.

The highlight of our structured yet organic interior and user-driven spaces became the reception ambiance, featuring an arousing hand-drawn illustration of a flock of birds in flight, complemented by artful lighting installation that allows for its natural shadowing and 3D appearance showing movement, unity, and change. Read our article on Remarcable’s Artsy Take On Dentistry

Minimalistic black decorative frames to display beautiful landscapes and positive messages in elegant and timeless black and white print, aiming to motivate and inspire their admirers. The artwork is featured throughout the space, in the reception and waiting areas, clinical rooms, transitional spaces, decon and staff rooms as well as WC areas.

WC spaces in dental clinics are usually left to pure function and often set aside from the design planning but no area was left untouched by us in our approach to this clinical design. The vanity station creates attention to detail with brand identity and positive messaging, enriching the client's experience.

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