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White & Co | Battersea Power Station

Designed for workflow and patient experience

White & Co is about more than exceptional treatments, it is about trust and education to inform patients providing exceptional service.. The overall dental experience is important to them and their club-like atmosphere is a space to relax in serene, beautifully designed interiors.



Project explanation

To collaborate with the client’s in-house design company, branding team, and architectural partner and deliver dental design expertise and advice during the planning stage. Particularly to help shape the client’s experience and space plan for the most efficient workflow and to maximise the usage of the space.

The use of curved ribbed glass and crittall frames is a 'nod' to the area's art deco heritage providing a dramatic contrast to the ordered linear aspect of much of the architecture at that time and arranged in a way to promote interest through diffraction, and make best use of natural light, an important design element that is often overlooked within Dental designs.

Large fully equipped dedicated staff area ensures that the back of house experience is as good as front of house with facilities available for staff to get the most from their breaks, return to work refreshed and be able to promote the centre's ethos of client first excellence.

The space plan drawing of the entire white & co dental clinic design

Design Details

Well planned layout design requires initial visualisations of the desired result and step by step analyses of the client's journey throughout the space. Corridors are transitional spaces and we wanted to create a sense of discovery and angularity to enhance the client's experience and break out the stereotypes of clinical spaces. The clinical rooms located on either side create a continuous symmetry that enriches the visual experience of the space that was created by the design team. 

Ribbed glass was used throughout the space for its historical reference and honoured heritage of the area. Originally invented in 1847 by James Hartley who introduced the Rolled Plate method that allowed a ribbed finish to be created on glass it was often used for extensive glass roofs such as within railway stations.

Clinical rooms need to be planned with the most efficient workflow in mind while still providing comfort and calming atmosphere for the very often nervous patients. It is important to keep it decluttered and minimalistic with the right amount of lighting needed so the team performs best and the client is at ease.  

The White & Co company logo black and white text with a semi circle shaped line underneath
A profile photo of our client Anisha Patel
Dr. Anisha Patel
Practice Owner | White & Co.

We found their services to be excellent and very professional. They understood patient flow and the importance of creating the WOW factor which helps make my practice look different from the norm.

a photo of the exterior of the clinic with crittall glass door and windows and the company's logos on each side of the windows

Visual / Actual

From visual to reality. 

You receive the exact design that you envisioned.

Curved ribbed glass shaping the corridor of white & co clinic

Design Features

The use of glass in clinical spaces created a more open feel and it optimises the use of natural light. The ribbed glass effect provides privacy but the intricacy in the details adds texture, shape and depth.

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