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Banning Dental Group | Lewisham

Bright & airy dental clinic interior design & fit out

Banning Dental is a modern chain of dental practices in and around London. Patient comfort and safety are their number one priority. ‘ We want your visit to the dentist or hygienist to be free from negative emotions. Everyone deserves a naturally beautiful smile and we believe that cosmetic dentistry treatments can be both professional and affordable. ‘



Project explanation

The company’s main hub is to be consistent in design uniformity with their other branches inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and natural materials with an additional element incorporating a space where staff training can take place.

Each building has its own unique quirkiness which is considered in the overall design to make minimal changes to the structure as possible, reducing time and costs. Glass partitions and designing an open and airy atmosphere ensured that the building's natural light was emphasised throughout the space; natural light benefits our wellbeing and improves our circadian rhythm. Keeping the same textures and materials as the company’s other branches was important in keeping the uniformity and branding consistent whilst adapting to new surroundings and bringing in our expertise in meeting room design to create a staff training room focusing on collaborative space and function.

Knowing our client's future plans around possible expansion, the design considered the location of the building's fittings in a way that would be of ease later down the line for additional surgical rooms, saving both cost and time for the client.  One great benefit of planning shell and core fit outs in combination with design is that everything can be pre-planned to be fully bespoke. In addition, furniture was positioned specifically to minimise the radiation protection within the room; this quick solution saved cost on fit out and construction.

A receptionist smiling whilst sitting behind the bespoke reception desk at Banning Dental Group Lewisham

The Design

Using brass metal for the bespoke branded exterior signage as this metal is known for being highly corrosion resistant, weather resistant and durable. Materials are also carefully considered to ensure they are long lasting and sustainable where possible to make it worth the investment.

Our commercial interior design experience came in optimally in designing the staff training room. Already having a clear understanding of what is necessary in such collaborative, educational spaces that ensures focus and attention as well as comfort, ease, and functionality. Large tables create unison for staff to get together to brainstorm and bond; this increases the level of engagement and learning which leads to an increase in retained information during a meeting/training. 

Glass partitions were placed between rooms to retain the most out of the natural light that bounced throughout the space which made the space airier and ensured that most of the light was used to create a bright and inviting atmosphere. Biophilic design elements of the forest were added in creating dark and light with the illusion of connecting to the natural world. 

The Banning Dental Group company logo in silvery grey with the letter 'B' inside a circle
A profile photo of our client Azad Eyrumlu from Banning Dental Group
Dr Azad Eyrumlu
CEO | Banning Dental Group

Remarcable is dedicated to the client and their passion for the project is at the core of everything they do. We would highly recommend them to any business that is serious about creating amazing space and concept, and that strives to deliver a very special feeling to their own clients.

Founder of Banning Dental pictured behind the reception desk smiling with receptionist, happy clients in their new space


From shell and core unit to light, airy, and inviting.

Corridor design feature with mirror and luxury console table with vase and flowers

Design Features

This wall mural adds depth to the room and makes the corridor a transitional space which creates amazing reflection and focalises as a design feature.

These concrete wall lights add visual weight to the room. Meaning they are instantly eye-catching and ground the space making concrete an excellent choice to become a focal point in a room with a textured polish look that provides a contrast in between the dark cool undertone combined with the warm radiant light creating wall art through a funnel of light.

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