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Fortes Clinic

Branded and luxurious with bespoke design elements

Fortes Clinic is a premium hair and skin clinic with vast expertise with a team of professionals in both surgical and non-surgical hair treatments, they assure all their clients’ high-quality medical care and services, following cutting-edge techniques and procedures for optimal results for their clients.



Project explanation

Our client wanted to open their first clinical space and had already picked the perfect spot on a busy street in Made Vale. The building with a basement level that opens to a private garden has a boutique upfront and plenty of skyline windows that allow the natural light to travel throughout the space.

The brief was a minimalistic, classy, and luxurious design with a warm inviting reception area that creates a positive experience and atmosphere for their clients.

Designing a welcoming environment that uses the optimum natural light in the space combined with luxurious textures and finishes with bespoke branding for a more personal boutique feel. 

We wanted to fit as many of the needed areas for our clients to operate at their best while ensuring that the design experience is continuous throughout the space. 

As a bonus, we created a landscape concept that the client could use as a guide when renovating the exterior garden in the summer to enrich the experience for their clients.

After understanding the functional needs of the client’s main services and that their visitors will often have to spend the entire day in the clinic during their treatments, we wanted to ensure that the space provides comfort and a soothing atmosphere. 

The first step was creating an in-depth colour analysis of a monochromatic colour scheme with unified natural tones that blended with biophilic elements for a vibrant pop of greenery. The space incorporates multiple bespoke features that are meaningful and memorable for building brand awareness and credibility.

Fortes clinic exterior design, white shop front with clear glass window panelling and golden logo exterior signage

The Design

Bespoke Fingerprint Artwork
A unique personalised artwork that incorporates the actual fingerprints of the companies owners was enlarged and recreated in 3D onto two individual canvases adding gold detailing for elegance and luxury. Having such a meaningful piece of art tells a story and represents a blueprint stamp of the love and hard work that comes behind the business. 

Merchandising stand
Recreating the exact company logo to formulate a wooden merchandise stand that acts as floating shelves for showcasing company awards and products used that allows clients to generate trust and reassurance with the company's expertise.

Client nurture point
Going that extra mile in customer service excellence offering a clean and polished bar banquette to offer tea, coffee, and refreshments to the company's high-end clientele. 

Garden concept
Optimum use of the interior space was achieved and as a bonus, we left the client with conceptual visuals of the exterior garden space that they could use as a guide when renovating it in the summer. We saw the area as an opportunity to create a little oasis that will provide a breath of fresh air and support wellbeing. Surrounded with the healing ability of plants will help the clinical team and their clients to get the most of their breaks and enjoy the occasionally sunny London weather. 

the logo of Fortes hair and skin clinic in gold
a portrait picture of a woman smiling wearing sunglasses and hijab
Sara Alkatib
Co-Founder | Fortes Clinic | Hair & Skin

Hi Reni & Marc, 

Wow, I love it! There is something truly remarkable about this ;)

The reception area render with lighting is breathtaking.

Really excited to see this come through!!!


You receive the exact design that you envisioned.

Curved glass wall with biophilic design elements in the main reception design in Fortes clinic

Design Features

Curved architecture is a great way to soften the extension of an interior wall divider appearing more organic and improving functionality. The plant is strategically placed in the corner of the curve to bring a translucent tone of green into the more neutral elegant reception area.

A solid brass bespoke door handle that replicates the company's logo for an impactful first impression and memorable branding that is uniform throughout the interior space.

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